Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Courier

If you’re looking for the means to transport ambient, chilled and frozen products around the UK, Iceotemp is your number one provider.

We deliver and collect between all major cities across the country, and offer special rates to customers who require back haul from London and the North West to our depot in the South West.

Temperature Controlled Distribution

Our vehicles are designed specifically for the transportation of temperature-controlled products, for refrigerated transport that goes the extra mile.

A trusted nationwide brand, our team are on hand to help with all your delivery and collection needs. Our depot in Somerset has a sophisticated storage system. We have onsite facilities to keep goods in ambient, refrigerated and frozen storage, depending on what you need.

Food, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace

Whether it’s frozen food or chilled medical samples, we specialise in collecting and delivering temperature-controlled goods all around the country. From London and the South East to Bristol and the South West, Cambridgeshire and the Midlands, right up to Leeds and Manchester in the North.

We have a number of delivery options available to suit your needs, including same-day delivery, next delivery and courier services. The ultimate 24/7 temp controlled distribution service, we’re available for supermarkets, tasting events, promotional events and laboratories who need efficient and effective transportation solutions at short notice.

Get in contact with one of our friendly team today to discuss your delivery or collection needs.


Iceotemp have over ten years of experience in the field. Our specialised vehicles and sophisticated management of deliveries means you get a service that is both reliable and efficient. We understand how important timings are when it comes to delivering temperature-controlled goods, so we will always strive to be within the given timeframe and to update you on all your orders.


Deliveries anywhere in the UK, a dedicated same day service


Flexiblity that operates around our customers requirements


Management system back by ISO 9001:2015 accreditation with regular internal and external audits. See our certificate here


+25 to -25 degrees


Daily routes from the South West to London, Manchester and Leeds


Product samples, Marketing events, Photo shoots, Exhibitions

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Telephone: 01934 228 964
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