Iceotemp have over ten years of experience in the temperature-controlled delivery field. Our fleet of specialised vehicles works around the clock to deliver and collect between our depot in the South West to and from all major cities around the country.

Delivery Options

Our customers can arrange for their goods to be picked up, stored, delivered on the same day, next day or to multiple drops off points from the South West and beyond.

Our vehicles travel from Somerset, where our depot is based, to London, the Midlands, Manchester and Leeds 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Another great benefit of using Iceotemp is that you can get discounted deliveries if you choose a van that is travelling back from our major drop-off destinations to our depot. Each of our vans leaves space for additional pickups on the way home. These can then be delivered en route, if the drop-off point is on the way to the South West, or they can be deposited safely in our storage depot and delivered the next day.

Our Storage Depot

If your goods need to be stored for a few hours or overnight, our storage depot is a carefully managed facility which has options for all kinds of goods. Store your goods at ambient, chilled and frozen temperatures before it is picked and sent off for delivery.

You can also arrange to have your goods stored at our facility without the need for using one of our dedicated vehicles. You can drop off and pick up with your own transport as well, or you can use a third-party vehicle.

We pride ourselves in delivering an efficient and across-the-board distribution service for temperature-controlled goods. Whether we’re collecting, delivering, picking or storing, we strive to be as fast and effective as possible to fit around your busy schedule and meet time limits.