As your business expands, it may become time to pitch your idea to major stockists. These could be supermarkets, real food stores or even department stores. Once you’ve gone through to initial contact and drummed up some interest in your product, it is often time to send samples. This gives the company you’re aspiring to work with the opportunity to experience your goods for themselves and offers a key opportunity to make a good impression. This is why it’s so important to have a structured and reliable supply chain behind you during this vital tendering stage. In this guide, we’ll cover how the right temperature-controlled distribution company can help you get on the shelves you’re striving towards.

Why are Samples So Important During Pitching?

The sampling process of pitching your goods to major businesses certainly isn’t the first stage. You need to create that relationship, establish whether there is a gap in their offering for your goods and explain your product in good, promotional detail. Once you’ve gone through the formal pitching process, it’s likely the company in question will ask to see your product. And, this is where samples come from.

If you work in fresh goods, flowers, medicine or another temperature-sensitive industry, the need to get your goods to the company head office in pristine condition is vital. This is the first opportunity that your contact has to experience your product first-hand. They have the chance to feel it, taste it or simply review the quality against others in a similar field. Therefore, it is incredibly important that your samples are looking their very best.

Why Consider Temperature-Controlled Shipping?

We’ve written multiple blog posts and guides about the different industries that depend on temperature-controlled distribution. This highly tailored and technologically-based transport method allows goods to be delivered to their end destination in the ideal temperature and ambient conditions. This could be frozen – for example, with fresh vegetables that are frozen within minutes of being picked. It could be in moist, balanced temperatures, such as those required to keep fresh flowers at their peak. And for many medicines, including vaccines, low temperatures are the only way to ensure these vital products end up with the end patient in optimal condition.

Samples are no exception. Whether you’re shipping one cut flower bouquet or thousands, you need them to be perfect every single time. Whether you’re delivering one freshly baked cupcake or a baker’s dozen, they need to taste perfect. And, whether you’re showcasing new cuts of meat from your flock, you want them to be safe to eat and to look their best when under the watchful eye of a potential new stockist. Temperature-controlled shipping allows you to do this, whether you need a single item shipped or multiple packages.

Things to Look For

As with any vital addition to your supply chain, it’s important to work with the best temperature-controlled distribution company in the industry. We’ve written a detailed guide all about this over on our blog. You need people you can trust and ones who have the same dedication to exceptional quality as you do as well as someone who has a forward plan with the ability to proactively take on ad-hoc jobs. Samples are often requested at short notice and, if you’re pitching to many businesses, can require multiple drops offs/deliveries. You need a company that has experience. Here are our top 5 things to look for when choosing the right courier company for you.

Have They Shipped Samples Before?

There is a difference in the technology required to ship single or small parcels against that needed to ship pallets. The right distribution company will have experience in sample delivery as well as a range of vehicles in their fleet to accommodate your needs.

What Technology Do They Use?

Some goods, specifically items such as cut flowers, require a temperature-controlled environment and one with balanced moisture in the air. Without it, the flowers will begin to wilt and turn brown – not what you want when trying to impress a new distributor. The right temperature-controlled company will utilise the technology you need to keep your goods fresh. If you require frozen temperatures, they will be able to organise single drop-off deliveries that eliminate the possible temperature changes when the vehicle’s doors are opened. If you need moisture present in optimal conditions, they’ll be able to pair you with the right options.

How Many Vehicles Do They Have?

We discussed the presence of different technology but it also pays to know how large a company’s fleet is. If samples are to be shipped at the last minute, you need someone that has the ability to pick up these shipments when you need them. If your goods are particularly sensitive to temperature changes, you want to know that you can book a smaller vehicle that is used solely for your delivery too.

How Quickly Can They Auction a Delivery?

Some distributors will be able to give you plenty of warning when they want samples. Others will have a short window to review them and may ask for a delivery in the same working week. Either way, you need to know that the temperature-controlled distribution company you choose can meet your needs urgently.

What Are Their Prices?

Costing up sample delivery needs to be taken into account for your overall profit goals in the year. If a courier service charges extortionate money, it may not be a viable venture for your business – especially if you’re not 100% sure you’ll be able to get the contract in the end. Check the prices for a simple one-stop delivery as well as larger deliveries for future reference.

How Iceotemp Can Help

With over 15 years of experience and a fleet of over 20 technologically advanced vehicles to offer our clients, Iceotemp has been supporting businesses with their sample delivery for many years. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do get in contact with us here today.