If you operate in the food services industry either as a supplier of ingredients or a provider of prepared meals that are temperature sensitive and you need to make deliveries to multiple locations, a multi-drop delivery can be an effective solution. With a multi drop delivery system you will request four different drop offs each of which will be quoted separately based on the job and the distance travelled. When you use a multi-drop delivery system you will use one driver to visit multiple locations and pay a drop off fee for each stop in addition to a delivery charge based on the distance that has been travelled.

The multi-drop delivery system has been used by many businesses because it can help save both time and money. It does this in a number of ways: Distributing the cost of delivery over multiple drop offs, the cost of each delivery is significantly reduced, boosting profitability for each unit of the item that you sell.

Rather than requesting a new delivery for each order and waiting each time for the driver to arrive, you will simply stack up the orders and they will be collected and delivered in one go, but to multiple locations. With a temperature controlled vehicle this is easier, and it will keep your products fresh and at the right temperature until they reach the destination. It also allows you to streamline communications because you have one delivery driver for all of the deliveries that you need to make, creating a more efficient and effective way to transport fresh produce.

Using a multi drop system you can also optimise logistics by reducing fuel expenditure and eliminating unnecessary hours driving. The multi-drop system works by equally distributing the orders in the most efficient way. Temperature controlled vehicles are perfect for multi drop deliveries. If you are a food manufacturer who delivers fresh produce to your customers, we specialise in multi-drop deliveries so you can save money, increase efficiencies and increase time savings in your business, all of which affect your bottom line. With our delivery services we can help your business operate more effectively.

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