In certain industries where temperature control is crucial, temperature recording has never been more important. These industries record temperatures for a reason, either to protect the integrity of the products being transported or to retain the condition of fresh food items so they are safe for human consumption.

If you transport any temperature-sensitive goods you will need to keep accurate temperature records throughout the journey. Luckily with advances in technology, there are devices which are designed for this task. These devices offer safer, more convenient and easier ways to record temperature and ensure compliance with the regulations.

Identify issues quickly

Temperature recording devices are great because when they are fitted to a temperature-controlled vehicle, they will alert the driver in the cab that something has gone wrong with the temperature. Warnings and alerts are automatically triggered when the temperature strays into the danger zone. This offers a much better way of reacting quickly and preventing more serious problems if the issue went undetected. This is very important for fresh goods or pharmaceuticals where any deviation from the recommended temperature for a period of time can result in the product being unusable. Temperature control technology will keep regular logs so it will be easy to identify recurring issues so they can be addressed.

Recording Procedures

In the cool chain, record-keeping is essential. While manual temperature logging is ok, it can present problems in terms of human error such as incorrect temperature recording, or damaged paper-based records. Automated reporting in a digital sense eliminates all of these issues with an ongoing cycle of data collection and recording improving accuracy and providing a clear log of data if it needs to be referred to at a later date.

Reduces Waste

When temperatures are not recorded properly, or it falls outside of the danger zone, this can result in entire consignments being wasted.

Temperature-sensitive products such as perishable food items and medications that must be kept cold have absolutely no room for error and mistakes can be costly for business owners. If products are stored at the wrong temperature for too long this can be both dangerous if the products are used and expensive for the business. Effective temperature logging can significantly reduce waste and protect your business from product safety issues or recalls.

Our vehicles are fitted with the latest temperature recording technologies to make sure that your business remains compliant, you have a clear audit trail and lots of data to prove that your products were kept at the right temperature throughout the entire journey.