The attraction of eating fresh products sourced locally has grown in popularity in recent years. There are many reasons for this and for some people it is simply a personal choice, something that they prefer to do.

Are you someone who is looking to eat locally? But not sure what exactly the benefits of this are? Well, why not take a look at our guide on the main benefits to eating locally?

Eating locally means eating fresh

One of the biggest benefits to sourcing food from local suppliers, is that the food that you are eating is much fresher. It doesn’t have to travel very far, which means that when it gets to you there is a much greater chance that it hasn’t been picked, harvested or even slaughtered very long ago, which means that it is going to be the freshest that it can be.

Local fruits and vegetables are much better for you

Not only does local fruit and veg taste better, it is also much better for you too. Once they are picked, the cells in both fruit and vegetables will start to shrink, which means that their nutrients will shrink too. As local food will reach you much quicker than food that is sourced from further afield, the nutrient levels are going to be much higher, which means that they are going to be better for you.

You are supporting your local community

When you buy something that is locally produced, you are going to be making sure that your money is invested into a local business. You are keeping your money in the local area, and you are helping someone who probably doesn’t live too far away from you.

You are not only giving support to that business financially, but by buying from them, they are going to hire new staff members, which means that you are creating more jobs for the community and helping the economy in your local area a much-needed boost.

It is kinder on the environment

Looking after our planet is something that most of us are going to want to do. The good news is that buying locally has a much more positive influence on the environment than you may realise. The main reason for this is that buying locally means that the produce has a much lower distance to travel. This will use less petrol, less fuels and will stop the chemicals from being released into the air, creating a much smaller carbon footprint simply for you being able to eat.