The supply chain and specifically the process of distributing fresh goods is a complex one that involves picking, packing and transporting in custom made storage facilities that not only preserve the shelf life of the product but to transport it safely and hygienically, sometimes thousands of miles. It involves careful choreography between the various people in the supply chain from transporters of the fresh goods through to suppliers, retailers and customers.

Logistics is such an important consideration when distributing fresh goods and when you have temperature-controlled vehicles in place, it can go a long way to connecting suppliers with retailers and customers. With specialist vehicles, you now have access to a much broader range of businesses and customers that you wouldn’t be able to reach without this technology. Without adequate temperature controls, the foods would perish or become unsafe for human consumption as they are transported from where they are to where they need to be.

It’s also great for suppliers who want to reach new markets, find new customers and expand the area that they can cover. One of the main issues that businesses and suppliers who work with fresh produce face is that their products have an extremely short shelf life so keeping it fresh is one of their main concerns. Firms such as Iceotemp collect products from suppliers and then deliver them directly to customers or businesses in the shortest possible time while transporting them in a safe, hygienic and temperature-controlled way.

Transportation plays a key role in business operations and it is something that is used to connect a supplier with a customer or retailer. It also significantly influences customer satisfaction with suppliers. Moving products from where it is manufactured or stored by a supplier to where it is needed, transport offers a convenient and effective way to establish a connection between a supplier and the people who receive its products. When a business performs well in terms of product distribution this increases customer confidence and generates more business for the transportation company and supplier.

Finding a good transportation company who you can count on to deliver fresh products in the best possible condition is important because the supplier’s reputation is at risk.