Temperature-controlled deliveries depend on several varying factors – with one of the most prominent being your ability to work with a professional and reliable courier company. The right courier will work hard to mitigate these risk factors, using the latest technology and a specialised fleet to deliver your product on time and in the best condition. However, the route that they decide to take can also have a direct impact on the quality of your product at its end destination. And, it can be impacted by multiple things on the way.

Why is the Delivery Route Important?

Vehicles built for use in the cold chain industry are manufactured with the latest technology to maintain temperatures and internal conditions for a set period of time. That’s why you trust these specialist companies – because they can store and transport your goods in the optimal environment. However, these temperature-controlled deliveries are also time-sensitive. Organising the shortest route to an end destination provides the best conditions for your goods to be kept cool, cold or frozen in pristine condition.

The delivery route that a courier takes can be impacted by several things, including:

  • Traffic.
  • Planned or unexpected road works.
  • Bad weather conditions.
  • Other planned drop-offs.

Many of these can be considered during route planning – something that a well-experienced and reliable courier company will do as standard.

Creating a Good Delivery Route for Temperature-Controlled Goods

The best delivery route is one that is direct, reliable and used regularly to minimise the risk of uncontrollable factors. Alongside this, it pays to consider how many couriers are available to deliver shipments on any given day. If a company employs one or two drivers on any given day, this will limit the availability of space in their chosen vehicles. It becomes more likely that multiple drop-offs need to happen, lengthening delivery times and increasing the route chosen.

The technology that a company uses is also vital. Modern-day vehicles have tracking systems that allow them to be monitored at all times from a central head office. These devices often allow routes to be redirected, in the event of traffic or alternative delivery options to be found easily – both of which make it easier to guarantee a straight and direct route for your shipment.

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