The cold chain is one of the most critical parts of the distribution process. It is important that goods are transported safely at the right temperatures. If they are delivered at the wrong temperature, this can prove costly for distribution firms but also it can result in spoilt food and temperature-sensitive goods, customer complaints and outbreaks of foodborne illness.

ICEOTEMP work with the most advanced technology in our vehicles to ensure that from collection to delivery, products inside of our vans are transported safely and at the right temperature. Some of the technology in our vehicles includes:

  • GPS Tracking: Allowing Transcan, switch and CANBus data to be distributed to the right systems.
  • DOOS Switches: Monitoring when doors to refrigerated areas of the vehicle are open and closed.
  • Probes: Monitor the air temperature in four different locations throughout the vehicle.
  • Status Detector: Monitor fridge power and defrost.
  • Alarm Kit (In Cab): Located in the driver’s cab, the driver will be alerted with a red flashing light if the Transcan identifies a problem.

The advances in technology now allow for multi-temperature vans. This means that frozen, chilled and ambient goods can be transported in one delivery drop rather than them being separated into multiple deliveries. Each area of the van is controlled at the required temperature and the technologies above can monitor and alert the driver in the cab of any issues en route so they can be identified and addressed.

These types of multi-temperature vehicles can save businesses significant amounts of money, reducing the number of deliveries and streamlining logistics, making for a more cost-effective business.

Each of our vehicles has been converted into an advanced temperature-controlled environment featuring dual evaporators which can maintain frozen and chilled temperatures with precision. The transcan temperature monitoring equipment within our vehicles will record data for as long as two years and all of this technology is backed with a remote temperature monitoring hub at the ICEOTEMP depo. Featuring two way messaging systems to support drivers and state of the art navigation, our fleet of advanced vehicles will allow you to transport any chilled or frozen product which will arrive at its destination in the best condition and at the right temperature.

To find out more about our temperature-controlled vehicles, our technologies or the different products that we can transport, please browse our vehicle hire pages or contact our team for further details.