Temperature control is an essential logistical consideration for many industries – specifically those in the pharmaceutical market. The right temperatures ensure that medicinal products, including vaccines and medicines, are kept at optimal temperatures to prevent spoiling and maintain the health of the general public. Fluctuations here can impact efficacy, meaning there needs to be immediate action taken. This occurrence is known as a temperature excursion – when a reading comes outside the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this instance, action must be taken immediately.

What To Do In The Event Of A Temperature Excursion

Alert The Relevant Supervisor/Manager

As soon as a fluctuation in temperature is noted, this information should be relayed to the relevant manager or supervisor responsible for its storage. Where possible, this should happen instantly. If this is not possible, care should be taken to understand how long these unsafe temperatures may have been present.

Separate Off The Affected Medicines

All medicines that have been potentially impacted by these temperature fluctuations should be separated from everything else. If possible, they should also be labelled with a Do not use marker but not discarded – it is important that this occurrence be properly noted.

Make An Official Report Or Documentation

Report and document the event in a manner in keeping with your business. Make sure to include the person’s name who is completing the report, the date and time of the occurrence, an inventory of the goods effects, a description of the event, how long the temperature fluctuation took place and a listing of any issues that could have caused this happening.

Contact Manufacturer

Before continuing use or discarding the medicines, contact the manufacturer to understand best practises. If the temperature fluctuation was minimal, you may be able to use the affected medicines. You may also wish to contact the relevant immunisation programme to get their information as well.

Standard Operating Procedures

Use the manufacturer/facility SOPs to ensure your medicine refrigerator is set to the appropriate temperature range. You may also wish to review the positioning of the goods within the fridge to ensure they are in optimal conditions to maintain quality.

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