For businesses in the pharmaceutical industry, nothing is more damaging than spoiled medicines. Alongside presenting a serious risk for the health of their patients, this can have a detrimental effect on a company’s reputation. In the UK, the MHRA is the governing body that regulates safety within the medical field. But what aspects of medicine storage do they cover and how can they protect your business? This blog will explain the MHRA in further detail.

What does MHRA stand for?

MHRA is an acronym for the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency.

What does the MHRA do?

This UK-run governing body is responsible for ensuring the safety of everyone within both the medical and pharmaceutical industries. They take on a great many and varied tasks. These can include everything from in-depth investigations into medical practices through to ensuring pharmacies uphold the highest standard of service.

In short, the MHRA are there to protect you, your business and your customer.

What does MHRA Approve Storage mean?

For businesses that store medical goods, MHRA-Approved facilities meet all of the standards set out by the governing body. These spread across safety, security and optimal health conditions. For a storage facility to meet these standards, they must abide by a set of criteria dictated by the MHRA.

Alongside medicines, storage facilities must also meet the requirements set out for the safe containment of medical devices and accessories.

Who needs to be aware of and abide by the MHRA storage requirements?

Any company that stores pharmaceutical goods has a legal obligation to abide by these criteria. If your business puts its trust in others to transport goods on your behalf, it applies to you. Equally, if you run a storage facility, like ours here at Iceotemp, you are also responsible.

Where can I find more information about MHRA Approved Storage?

There is detailed information available about these storage requirements on the GOV. UK website which can be found here.

Iceotemp is a leading supplier of refrigerated courier vans and storage for all your medical needs. If you have any questions about the MHRA requirements, how we abide by them or anything else, get in contact today.