From medicines to food products, having access to temperature-controlled storage is vital to many businesses logistics. Not only does it help to uphold the reputation of a business, but it also allows industries to flourish regardless of external weather conditions. But what exactly is temperature-controlled storage? And how is it used within different companies to support their production and distribution lines?

Temperature-controlled logistics explained

In short, this term refers to storage facilities that have been designed with specialist technology to maintain a consistent temperature at all times. This is done through the use of heaters and fans that regulate the internal temperature accordingly. Most systems can be adjusted in temperature to suit the product in question. For example, many medicines need to be stored at between 2-8°C in order to avoid spoiling. In contrast, frozen food goods will require temperatures less than or equal to -18°C. Some temperature-controlled storage units specialise in specific goods in order to ensure the ideal environment while others can be customised according to the client’s needs.

Why is this type of storage needed?

For products that are sensitive to fluctuating temperatures, controlled storage allows stock to be held for a period of time without spoiling. This could be important for a number of reasons, including:

  • Partial shipments waiting for the remaining stock to be fulfilled.
  • Exhibitions and display storage (particularly for flowers or event catering).
  • Minimising damage caused by temp fluctuations before delivery.
  • Specified delivery date later than the final manufacturing steps.

There are many products that can cause illness if not properly stored, including medicines and foods. If these arrive at a storage unit before they are expected for delivery or due to be loaded, the interim period presents the risk of temperature fluctuations. Issues here don’t only have an impact on the product in question. They also pose the risk of serious illness in the end-user and significant damage to a businesses reputation.

Storage facility here at Iceotemp

Here in our Somerset-based storage facility, we have the capability to safely store ambient, chilled and frozen goods before they are picked and sent off for delivery. Whether you need this service for a few hours or overnight, we have the capacity to accommodate. If you would like to discuss your needs, contact our helpful team today.