A data logger in your temperature-controlled vehicle is an essential piece of kit because it manages so many different things. Transcan is a technology that we use in our temperature-controlled vehicles to accurately monitor and record the temperature while also alerting the driver to any problems with the temperature.

This technology is widely used in the transportation industry to maintain the integrity and condition of the goods stored in the vehicle, whether it is food items, perishable goods or even pharmaceuticals.

Data loggers meet the strict standards required in this industry which govern the transportation and storage of products which are temperature sensitive.

Supply chain logistics is a complex process that involves the transportation of a product from the manufacturer, through the distribution and warehousing chain to the customer as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. In doing so, the products must be kept at a consistent temperature making the task even more complicated. Through each stage of the cold chain, businesses must be able to demonstrate that the temperature is properly maintained. If there is a temperature control incident, full, accurate and consistent records can be produced as evidence to show that the cargo was kept at the right temperature throughout the journey.

Transcan data loggers keep up to date checks of the temperature within the refrigeration system, offering all the proof you need should you ever need it.

The transcan technology includes:

  • 8 temperature sensor inputs for maximum accuracy when monitoring the temperature.
  • Up to 8 temperature data logger status inputs such as fridge power, defrost, door and customisable controls.
  • Delivery tickets, journey tickets and print outs for multi-day runs.

Operators are accountable for the maintenance of a comprehensive historical record of temperature to prove that the goods they deliver were safe and fit for human consumption at the time of delivery.

The Transcan technology allows you to record and store temperature details both locally and remotely, providing a suite of tools that allow online and offline data downloads. It is not uncommon for a delivery vehicle to have 30, 50 or even more delivery drops in a single day and with so many different deliveries being made, accurate data collection and temperature recording is essential, without the risks associated with human error. The Transcan data logger will do this and so much more.