There are certain products that need to arrive at their destination quickly and in a temperature-controlled environment. This is where ICEOTEMP steps in to take the stress and worry out of your business’s deliveries. With our fleet of refrigerated and temperature-controlled vehicles, we are able to guarantee time-sensitive deliveries in the shortest period of time.

Over the years, we have delivered a wide range of different products across the UK. The versatility of our technology allows us to create ambient, chilled or frozen environments depending on each individual need. For perishable goods, we help to maintain their freshness and deliver them to business contacts and clients in the shortest period of time. We take the stress out of your shipments by ensuring your goods arrive in pristine condition, as expected by your customer.

Some of the most common goods ICEOTEMP transport are:


The most popular product for this form of delivery, fresh food is notoriously hard to keep at its best without some level of cooling. Our refrigerated transport uses modern cooling systems to guarantee the best delivery every single time. From fresh vegetables to pre-cooked samples for tasting events, we have swiftly and efficiently brought the finest food to our client’s customers in the safest and most efficient manner.

Chilled medical supplies

Some medicinal items including vaccines, insulin or biotech products are sensitive to heat. If kept in the wrong environments, they can pose a significant threat for the recipient and there are specific storage requirements in place to prevent this. Some require freezing until needed while others must be kept at temperatures around 2 – 8 degrees centigrade to prevent damage. Our tailored temperature-controlled vans are the ideal transportation option for these precious items. We work closely with our client’s requirements to establish their individual needs and provide the right vehicle every single time.

Bespoke items

If you have a unique request or a product that requires specific environments during transportation, contact us today. The versatility of our vehicles allows the internal temperature to be altered to suit a host of different requirements. Since 1997, we have been providing temperature monitoring equipment to support our clients and focus on offering the best customer service every single time.

Email or call us today to speak to a member of our helpful team and find the most suitable refrigerated transportation set-up for you.