If you are unsure about what medicines need to be refrigerated, this post will highlight which medicines should be transported in refrigerated vans. Everyone that deals with medicine transportation should know which medicines need to be transported at a set temperature, and what could happen if they are not.

Transportation and medicine

Medicines must be transported at the correct temperature, as it will help to maintain the integrity and will reduce chances of spoilage. Some medicines that need to be transported in a refrigerated van include antibiotic liquids, insulin, injections and eye drops.

What happens if medication is not refrigerated?

If certain medicine is not refrigerated correctly while being transported, it can expire quickly; this can make the medication less effective or even toxic. Not all medication will show that it has been stored at the wrong temperature; however, some signs could include a funny smell, discolouration or cracking.

The visible signs of medication not being stored at the right temperature might not be prominent, which is why medication should be transported at the right temperature from the start.

Damaged medicine

A pharmacist will be able to tell if the medicine has been subjected to the wrong temperature, therefore, if you suspect that medicine has been transported incorrectly, contact your pharmacist. Damaged medicine will then be appropriately discarded.

Transport safely

We offer a national service that is available 24/7, and we deliver temperature-controlled goods anywhere in the UK. Our professional and experienced team have been trained in how to transport goods properly and what temperature different goods need to be stored.

We can assist you with medical and laboratory deliveries with discretion. With our temperature-controlled delivery services, you can rest easy knowing that your medicine is in safe hands.

Our refrigerated transport

We hope this blog post has shown the importance of why medicines should be transported in refrigerated vans. If you have any questions about our temperature-controlled vehicles, you can contact us today, and we will help you in any way we can.