As a leading distribution company for temperature-controlled goods, we have had the opportunity to deliver to a wide variety of clients. We provide round-the-clock delivery, which means when unexpected events occur, we have you covered.

We have a wide client base, which includes delivering to promotional events. In our opinion, promotional events and other social events need to have food, here are some reasons why.

Welcome your guests

Nothing says, welcome to my event, quite like a delicious array of foods. This offering makes guests feel at ease and welcome; it also gives guests a talking point as well as an area to gather.

Whether it is a formal or informal event, gathering for a meal or snack gives people the opportunity to communicate with one another. Sharing something as simple as food in common is a great starting point to make connections.

Encourage people to attend

Entice your audience to attend your event through the subtle persuasion of food. You can attract visitors to attend through the offering of food whilst encouraging them to stay through what the event is actually offering.

Food also encourages people to stay during a long event, as people do get hungry and might want to leave. By offering even small snacks, you are encouraging people to stay.


With some forms of food, for example, cupcakes, you can even brand them to market your brand in a fun and subtle way. People will then associate the taste of delicious food with your brand. With so many businesses offering this service, to create branded food, you should have this at your promotional event.

Support local businesses

If you are running a promotion event for your business, you can even team up with local suppliers to have their food at your event. Not only will this mean that your guests are eating fresh, but you will also be showing that you support the local area.

How we can help

If you are hosting a promotional event soon and need food delivered quickly, safely and in pristine condition, you can contact us today.