As more business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of food safety standards, temperature-controlled vehicles are growing in popularity. There are countless businesses that rely on refrigerated vans to transport all kinds of products from food to flowers and medicines. The vehicles are constructed in such a way that gives the drivers maximum control over how products are stored and handled, ensuring that all deliveries reach their destination in the right condition. So, what are the key benefits of using Iceotemp?

#1 Versatility

One of the great benefits of these types of vehicles is that they are so versatile because they aren’t just limited to the food services industry. They have a multitude of uses outside of the food services industry. In particular, they are great for pharmaceutical products, specifically those that rely on temperature control. Certain medications must be kept at the right temperature to prevent them from spoiling, so it is crucial that they are transported in the right way. They are also great for florists too because they help to maximise the lifespan of flowers while they are in transit. As well as florists, the perfume and cosmetic industry also use them too.

#2 Complete Control

One of the great things about the Iceotemp vehicles is that we can manually control the temperature in the vehicle, which is important when transporting fresh produce or perhaps where products need to be stored at different temperatures. Being in full control of the temperatures allowing us to control the temperature from the cab and with built-in monitors you can easily manage defrosting processes and temperature control with ease. You can even segment the vehicle into different areas, setting the temperature for different products.

#3 Business Growth

Having access to a temperature-controlled vehicle is a wise investment if you are looking to grow your business. In particular, it offers a convenient way to offer your products to a wider audience, making your business more mobile while keeping your products fresh and of the highest quality while they are being transported. It allows you to attend events to showcase your products and venture further afield without worrying about your products spoiling.

Temperature controlled vehicles continue to advance at a rapid rate and new technology is making them even better as time progresses. You can reach more customers, meet food safety standards and safely transport all kinds of products for your business.