Here at Iceotemp, our specialist is in supporting the distribution section of your company’s logistical plan. We offer highly tailored temperature-controlled courier services that allow your product to reach the end customer in the same impeccable condition. As a business, your focus is on ensuring that your processes and structures work in the best possible way, and at all times. And further on from simply keeping your goods at a controlled level, our service allows you to minimise the number of key logistical issues too.

Accurate Data

When it comes to any area of your business, having access to data allows you to make the best-informed decisions. It is the most accurate way of determining whether a process is working or if changes need to be made to see an improvement. All of our vehicles have been converted to the highest standard and feature state-of-the-art tracking devices. These are monitored both internally by the driver and at our depot. This process allows us to pass on detailed information back to you, including journey times, set temperature and any fluctuations that occur during stop-off deliveries.

Tailored Temperature Options

As a business, your product line may include several varied products with each one requiring a different shipping environment. In past years, the logistics behind organising numerous collections and drop-offs increased the risk of error, loss and damage. Today, our modern vehicles have the technology to provide different temperature settings in different enclosed areas. The accurate tracking information ensures these temperatures are maintained accurately and shipments can be made as a whole to improve delivery and lead times.

Reliability of Technology

While business itself invites a level of risk, this is something that can be reduced significantly by working with the right courier service. Entrusting the safe delivery of your goods to the end customer embodies an expectation that your brand image will be upheld, alongside your high levels of customer service. The technology used within our vehicles is designed to store and monitor information 24/7, leading to longer battery life and extended reliability. For you, this means you can trust in the expertise you’re bringing into the company and in the experience, your end customer will receive.

Here at Iceotemp, we focus on supporting the needs of our clients – not just with their courier needs, but with ensuring their entire business runs smoothly. As part of this, we take on the responsibility for the logistics of their cold-chain distribution and temperature-controlled delivery needs. If you would like to speak to a member of our team, please get in contact to learn more.