If you run a business that produces temperature-sensitive products, it’s likely you’ve heard the term temperature-controlled logistics. Covering a wide spectrum of requirements and processes, these logistics help to ensure your product reaches the consumer in optimal condition. And, when dealing with something as flexible as temperature, it is vital that you understand every requirement while working with aligned businesses you can trust.

So, what is temperature-controlled logistics?

In short, it is the process of storing, preserving and transporting products or items that are sensitive to changes in atmospheric conditions. Primarily, these are products that need to be kept at a specific temperature to maintain their integrity, for one reason or another. This could be medicine for the pharmaceutical industry or food products. Either way, extreme dips or rises in temperature can be detrimental to both your customer’s health and the businesses reputation.

What does temperature-controlled logistics consist of?

When it comes to logistically producing, storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods, there are a number of areas where the focus should be placed. These include:


During the manufacturing process, the temperature is likely to fluctuate. However, whether during specific stages or once intact, it is vital that you maintain these levels to keep its integrity. Businesses need to be aware of their production surroundings or those of the manufacturing partner they use.


Once produced, the product needs to find its way to the transportation depot. This is normally a specialist temperature-controlled distribution centre, such as the one we have here at Iceotemp. To keep your product at its prime, our drives collect deliveries from all major cities across the country, so this logistical stage becomes less of a worry.


You’ll need to take into account factors such as ramp handling, covered storage and external exposure that needs to take place when loading your product on to vans or lorries. Specialist temperature-controlled couriers will have processes implemented to maintain conditions at all times. But for logistical reasons, it pays to take into account possible delays at this point that could cause dips in the environment.


And finally, transport. Once it has left the storage facility, will the product be kept at an optimal temperature condition for the entire duration of its journey? Our vehicles are fitted with dual evaporators, transcan temperature monitoring and remote temperature monitoring at our depot. This ensures that we can keep your consistently updated throughout our journey, advising on possible delays and maintaining the perfect temperature at all times.

Temperature controlled logistics is an important consideration for any business. And, it’s something that the team here at ICEOTEMP have taken care of. Get in contact today if you would like more information about the services we provide.